Pride Riders of Gardner Kansas Lions Club
Gardner, KS  66030
Tel: (913) 856-4206

Contact: Gil Dishman

The Gardner Kansas Pride Riders are made up of several individuals, including business owners, members with specialty skills, professionals in different fields and much more!

But most importantly, all our members share the same drive and passion to make a difference.

All full-sized, legal, road-worthy makes and models of motorcycles are welcome!

Our Mission Statement:
It began as a vision to make a difference, to serve mankind. The brothers and sisters of the road have band together to share an interest: the desire to make the world a better place. Like a pride of lions, we ride into the hunt as one to conquer those diseases and disabilities, which prey on the less fortunate. Just as the lion is king of the jungle, the Pride Rider's are king of the road. Our roar is loud and strong, as is our determination. Our pride of riders will hold strong the causes for which we represent. So let it be known on the 21st day of May 2005, the Pride Riders of Gardner, Kansas united to announce our intention to Lions Club Internat ional. We will go forward and ride with courage and conviction to protect and serve our fellow man. "We Ride to Serve."

* The above information can change without notice. Please call to verify.

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