The Springfield, Missouri Bike Night Scene

Cartoons Oyster Bar & Grill
Springfield, Missouri is known as one of the best destinations in the state to ride to. It is home to numerous twisty and scenic roads, with no less than five major lakes nearby. Springfield is also home to one the state’s largest tourist destinations; Bass Pro Shop.

The Springfield locals know what they have, and they make the most of everything. One thing you can count on, too, is when the sun goes down the bikers know it's time for some good food, great music, hot bikes, and lots of camaraderie. Two bike night locations that have stood out most this summer in the Springfield area, is Hooters and Cartoons Oyster Bar and Grill.

Wednesday night in Springfield is known as 'Hot-Wing' night, and the place to go is Hooters. Springfield’s Hooters Restaurant is located at 2110 E Independence on the southern side of the city. The parking lot is roped off and only bikes are allowed in, which creates a “mini-show” atmosphere, and the fun level is very high. The food is great, and one thing that makes it even more fun is what Hooters is known for; it’s service. The girls are quick to wait on you; they look out for their customers, and they do a great job checking on everyone to make sure they are having a good time. So, if you're in town on a Wednesday night, be sure to stop on over, have some wings, and check out the scoots.

Thursday night has a relative newcomer to the bike night scene. Located on the east side of the city at 1641 South Glenstone Avenue, is Cartoons Oyster Bar & Grill, which is quickly becoming one of the premier bike night hot spots. Cartoons also ropes off a huge area for motorcycle-only parking, and boy-howdy, does it fill up quick! An outside area bar with full access to the kitchen makes for a good place to sit down and have a great meal and a cold drink. As they continue to grown in size due to all the night bike traffic, they have learned to accommodate everyone very well. This is also one spot in Springfield that is a must-see with lots of biker-friendly people. The wait staff is very well trained, and like most places in Springfield, very affordable.

So there you have it, two great places to spend your evening in Springfield with your ride. You can’t go wrong at either place, with lots of bikes, great food, and best of all, a comfortable biker-type atmosphere.

Ahhhh, what more could you ask for? Pass me another plate of wings, will-ya?

By Jim Austin

Photos by Jim & Karey Austin