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Rides, Rallies & Events Recap

Flat Track Pre-Season Outlaw Races - LaMonte, Missouri

Jared Mees celebrates Pro Singles victory with a wheelie.
Motorcycle racing returned to the fast 3/8-mile clay oval track at LA Raceway near La Monte, Missouri on Saturday, May 14. The facility is normally an auto racing venue, but Rick Yeager and track owner Mike White team up once each year to present an exciting motorcycle racing program. Dave Corey and staff from D.C. Promotions handled all of the administrative tasks such as rider registration, heat assignments, lineup and staging as well as flagging and scoring the races. Riders competed in Pro Singles, Pro Twins, and Vintage classes. Admission was $18 ($15 advance) with children under 10 admitted free. Overcast, cool, windy weather prevailed throughout the day, but the racing action was hot. Qualifying heats began at 6:30 p.m. A total of 42 racers entered with several pro riders competing in both classes.

The opening ceremonies began with announcer Donnie Bardsman calling all Vintage Class riders to line up in front of the grandstand. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Gary Bragg (#55) who lost his life as a result of a tragic crash at LA Raceway two years earlier. Funds were raised by Gary’s family and friends to donate to the races to honor Gary’s memory and were presented by his brother Darrell Bragg of Brookfield, Missouri.

The racing that followed was fast and exciting. The top two finishers in each of the four Vintage heat races qualified for a special 6-lap Dash for Cash. The race paid $1,000 to win, $500 for second, and $200 for third. The prize money was provided by the family of David Lee Coats, Jr. of Shawnee, Kansas, who passed away on April 17 at the age of 48. David had been an accomplished motorcycle racer since the age of 7 but had his professional racing career cut short by a serious injury in 1977. His love for motorcycle racing never faded, and he continued to compete in Vintage Class races until heart failure caused his untimely death. David’s family decided that he would have appreciated their suggestion that his memorial contributions go to a fund to be donated to the racers. Honda-mounted Jim Monegan (#31M) finished first followed by Brian Tapp (#37) on a Triumph and Brandon Hancock (#67) on a Yamaha. David’s sisters Denise Sanchez of Weston, Missouri, and Jamie Willard of Ft. Benning, Georgia presented the prize money as his father, Dave Coats, looked on. The remaining Vintage races were sponsored by the Sedalia Motorcycle Association.

There were a few crashes during the heats and semis, but the riders were uninjured, and delays were brief. However, the Vintage feature was interrupted by a crash that required a rider to be transported to a hospital in Sedalia, and racing was suspended until a second ambulance arrived. The remaining races concluded without any further incidents. It was a great night for Jammin’ Jared Mees (#9) who finished first in both pro classes. Brian Tapp’s Triumph (#37) was first to the checkered flag in the Vintage feature.

Primary sponsors for the event were the following: Yeager’s Cycle Sales , Budweiser, End Zone, Midland Printing, and Robert Taylor Insurance. The complete results follow:

Pro Single (450cc) Heats – 8 laps
Heat 1
Sponsor: Donnell’s Motorcycle, Independence, Missouri
1 #2 Kenny Coolbeth (KAW)
2 #14K Nick Smith (HON)
3 #87 Mick Kirkness (SUZ)
4 #46 Aaron Lindfors (HON)
5 #47G Colt Chebultz (HON)

Heat 2
Sponsor: Dick’s Honda Kawasaki, Sedalia
1 #9 Jared Mees (HON)
2 #81 Justin Hittle (HON)
3 #22L Michael Toon (HON)
4 #23 Jeff Carver (YAM)
5 #33 Jeff Bouckman (HON)

Heat 3
Sponsor: Young’s Ag Vet Supply, Sedalia
1 #15 Nichole Cheza (HON)
2 #26 Brandan Bergen (HON)
3 #27 Rob Pearson (YAM)
4 #71L Robbie Treinen (HON)
5 #42K Clint Erickson (YAM)

Pro Single (450 cc) MAIN – 15 laps
1 #9 Jared Mees - Clio, MI
2 #2 Kenny Coolbeth - Morris, CT
3 #22L Michael Toon - Goddard, KS
4 #81 Justin Hittle - Peoria, IL
5 #27 Rob Pearson - Morton, IL
6 #26 Brandan Bergen - Kewanee, IL
7 #87 Mick Kirkness - Wauchope, Australia
8 #15 Nichole Cheza - Clio, MI
9 #23 Jeff Carver - Alton, IL
10 #46 Aaron Lindfors - Salina, KS
11 #71L Robbie Treinen - Portage, WI
12 #47G Colt Chebultz - Manhatten, KS
13 #14K Nick Smith - Beaver Dam, WI
14 #42K Clint Erickson - Sioux Falls, SD
15 #33 Jeff Bouckman - Lawrence, KS

Gary Bragg Memorial
Open Vintage Heats - 8 laps
Heat 1
1 #31M Jim Monegan (HON)
2 #67 Brandon Hancock (YAM)
3 #49 Chad Beckley (YAM)
4 #86Y Mike Gallup (TRI)
5 #34 Matt McCracken (HON)
6 #35 Dave Miller (HON)
7 #55X Ronnie Doty (TRI)

Heat 2
1 #10G Johnny Isaacs (YAM)
2 #4K Roger Johnson (YAM)
3 #64X Lloyd Hale (YAM)
4 #6 Gerald Chism (H-D)
5 #291 Larry Belknap (ROT)
6 #57 Larry Erickson (H-D)

Heat 3
1 #37 Brian Tapp (TRI)
2 #5L Mark Jantz (YAM)
3 #64 Jody Hale (YAM)
4 #72 Mike Anderson (TRI)
5 #13G Scott Raine (YAM)
6 #7K Ray Bledsoe (?)

Heat 4
1 #46 Bill Heishman (YAM)
2 #11 Chris Egbert (YAM)
3 #14 Patrick Griffith (YAM)
4 #50 Randy Doty (SUZ)
5 #58K Bill Berger (BSA)
6 #50T Gary Hoos (?)

Vintage Dash for Cash – 6 laps
1 #31M Jim Monegan
2 #37 Brian Tapp
3 #67 Brandon Hancock
4 #5L Mark Jantz
5 #10G Johnny Isaacs
6 #4K Roger Johnson
7 #11 Chris Egbert
8 #46 Bill Heishman

Open Vintage Semi – 8 laps
1 #58K Bill Berger
2 #34 Matt McCracken
3 #86Y Mike Gallup
4 #6 Gerald Chism
5 #291 Larry Belknap
6 #50 Randy Doty
7 #72 Mike Anderson
8 #13G Scott Raine
9 #57 Larry Erickson
10 #35 Dave Miller
11 #55X Ronnie Doty
12 #7K Ray Bledsoe
13 #50T Gary Hoos

Open Vintage MAIN – 10 laps
1 #37 Brian Tapp - Owensboro, KY
2 #10G Johnny Isaacs - Bristown, OK
3 #67 Brandon Hancock - Wichita, KS
4 #31M Jim Monegan - Twisp, WA
5 #4K Roger Johnson - Princeton, IA
6 #46 Bill Heishman - Kansas City, MO
7 #49 Chad Beckley - Fair Grove, MO
8 #5L Mark Jantz - Springfield, MO
9 #64 Jody Hale - Ozark, MO
10 #58K Bill Berger - Calamus, IA
11 #64X Lloyd Hale - Tonganoxie, KS
12 #86Y Mike Gallup - Williamsburg, MO
13 #6 Gerald Chism - Springfield, MO
14 #34 Matt McCracken - Sturgeon, MO
15 #14 Patrick Griffith - Eureka Springs, AR
16 #11 Chris Egbert - Wichita, KS

Pro Twins (750 cc) Heats – 8 laps
Heat 1
Sponsor: Blue Springs Harley Davidson, Blue Springs
1 #15 Nichole Cheza (H-D)
2 #9 Jared Mees (H-D)
3 #46 Aaron Lindfors (H-D)
4 #55K Duke Erickson (SUZ)
5 #49J Scott Raine (H-D)
6 #50P Kurt Marmor (DUC)

Heat 2
Sponsor: St. Joe Harley-Davidson, St. Joseph
1 #27 Rob Pearson (H-D)
2 #2 Kenny Coolbeth (H-D)
3 #87 Mick Kirkness (H-D)
4 #26 Brandan Bergen (H-D)
5 #81 Justin Hittle (H-D)
6 #42E Clint Erickson (BUE)

Pro Twin (570 cc) MAIN – 15 laps
1 #9 Jared Mees – Clio, MI
2 #15 Nichole Cheza - Clio, MI
3 #2 Kenny Coolbeth – Morris, CT
4 #27 Rob Pearson – Morton, IL
5 #26 Brandan Bergen - Kewanee, IL
6 #46 Aaron Lindfors – Salina, KS
7 #42K Clint Erickson – Sious Falls, SD
8 #81 Justin Hittle - Peoria, IL
9 #87 Mick Kirkness - Wauchope, Australia
10 #55K Duke Erickson – Sioux Falls, SD
11 #50P Kurt Marmor – Springfield, IL
12 #49J Scott Raine – Hoyt, KS

Article and photos by Stripe

Special Thanks to Rick Yeager

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Jared Mees - Pro Singles winner Jared Mees - Pro Twins winner Jared Mees begins his Pro Twins victory lap.
Kenny Coolbeth Nichole Cheza Nichole Cheza
Nichole Cheza Vintage Open winner Brian Tapp Johnny Isaacs
Brandon Hancock Vitage Dash for Cash Winner Jim Monegan Aaron Lindfors
Mike Anderson Chad Beckley Brandan Bergen
Brandan Bergen Mark Jantz Scott Raine
Justin Hittle Clint Erickson Nichole Cheza and Jared Mees in tandem
Aaron Lindfors and Colt Chebultz Kurt Marmor and Scott Raine Pro Singles start
Pro Twins start Rob Pearson and Justin Hittle wheelie off the starting line. A pack of Vintage racers enter turn 1.
Vintage riders line up memory of #55 Gary Bragg. Vintage riders line up memory of #55 Gary Bragg. Donny Bardsman and Dave Coats
Donnie, recovering from shoulder surgery, had a reliable driver to get him to the track. Sisters of David Lee Coats, Jr., with top Vintage Dash for Cash finishers.  Rick Yeager in background. Pro Singles top finishers
Top finishers in Vintage feature Donnie interviews Nichole Cheza after Pro Twins feature. Dave Corey and Rick Yeager pose with top three in Pro Twins feature.

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