2009 Harley-Davidson Road King & Cover Model Amber

Our August 2014 cover bike is owned by Mark Kozack from Kansas City, Missouri, and this month’s cover model is Amber from Raytown, Missouri. Scroll down for cover articles and more details on the bike and Amber.



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Behind the Scenes with Amber

August 1, 2014

Amber from Raytown, Missouri is our August 2014 cover model, and she took first place at our Cover Model Search on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at Gail’s Harley-Davidson in Grandview, Missouri. Amber is a legal assistant, and when asked about her ambitions in life, she said “Making money, striving to be a better person, and taking life by the balls! Her hobbies include riding, concerts, and hanging out with her girls. Turn-ons include someone with a sense of humor, brains, and a little dangerous. On the flip-side, Amber said laziness and pessimistic people are a big turnoff for her. She also admitted that she’s a sucker for tall, tan, tattooed bikers. She describes her personality as extremely outgoing and possibly crazy! Amber has been told that her best attribute is her eyes. When asked what the smartest thing is she has ever done, she said “I bought a house.” As far as the most stupid thing she’s ever done, Amber told us that she once fell off a barstool.

Also, make sure to check out our Behind the Scenes at our August 2014 Cycle Connections Cover Shoot video!

2009 Harley-Davidson Road King

August 1, 2014

Our August 2014 cover bike is owned by Mark Kozak from Kansas City, Missouri, and this month's cover model is Amber from Raytown, Missouri.

To find out more about Mark, check out his Interview, and for more information and photos of Amber, check out her Interview. For this month's cover shoot, we also invite you behind the scenes at our August 2014 cover shoot.

Owner: Mark Kozak
City: Kansas City, Missouri

Mark Kozack & His 2009 Harley-Davidson Road King

August 1, 2014

Our August 2014 cover bike is owned by Mark Kozak, and his 2009 Road King was selected as the winning bike at our Cover Bike Search at Gail’s Harley-Davidson in Grandview, Missouri.

Mark is from Kansas City, Missouri, and we had the opportunity to gather additional information about him and his Road King. We photographed cover model search winner Amber on his bike for this month’s cover.

Video: Behind the Scenes at our August 2014 Cycle Connections Cover Shoot

August 1, 2014

For this month's issue, we invite you to take a look behind the Scenes at our August 2014 Cover Shoot video, which follows cover model Amber through her photo shoot and interview.      

Photos by Lonnie Blum

Video by Randall “Sea Hawk” Hauk with Sea Hawk Media Productions

Inspirational Women: Marybeth Mitcham - Conquering Fear

August 1, 2014

Facebook is filled with pages devoted only to women riders. I joined or “Liked” a few and was invited by Joan Krenning to join her new page, Steel Horse Sisterhood. Being just a pillion warmer with a crushed ankle, I was honored to be asked. I immediately introduced myself as the Women Riders columnist for Cycle Connections Magazine, and asked if anyone had an inspirational story, to please contact me. Marybeth Mitcham’s story, in her own words, is this month’s Inspirational Woman.

Dodge City 300 Centennial Celebration - Dodge City, Kansas

July 27, 2014

A century ago, Dodge City, Kansas, was the site of a world championship 300-mile motorcycle race on a 2-mile dirt oval on the northeast corner of town. The field included motorcycles manufactured by Indian, Thor, Excelsior, Pope, Flying Merkel, Harley-Davidson, and others. The race, sanctioned by the Federation of American Motorcycles, took almost 4-1/2 hours to complete with speeds reaching nearly 100 miles per hour. The winner was factory Indian rider Glen “Slivers” Boyd. Bill Brier finished second on a Thor, and Carl Goudy came in third aboard an Excelsior. Dodge City racing continued for many years, but was suspended during times of war. Later championship racing moved on to other locations and shorter tracks. Races sponsored by the Jackpine Gypsies became the nucleus for South Dakota’s famous motorcycle rally at Sturgis.

2014 Triumph AMA Superbike Classic - Birmingham Alabama

August 1, 2014

We heard the thunder as thousands of bikes rolled into Barber Motorsports Park on June 21, 2014 for the first 2-day weekend event of the 2014 Pro Road Racing season, featuring with the Triumph AMA Superbike Classic.

There was no practice, racing or anything on Friday, which was a little strange, and meant that everything would be squeezed into Saturday and Sunday. It was beautiful, but very hot, so it was probably a good thing it was shortened.

Biker Diva Trip to Hermann, Missouri

August 1, 2014

In 2012, Shawnee Cycle Plaza started a series of events called Biker Diva.  The intent was to encourage more women to ride motorcycles.  The events included things like Matchmaking:  Finding the Right Bike, The Relationship: Knowing your Bike From Top to Bottom and a Fashion Show called Look the Part.(emceed by Gary Amble). This year they are doing Biker Diva Sweet Rides to get ice cream, a trip to Hermann, Missouri and a Fashion Show in the fall. The money we make from our Biker Diva T-shirts goes to Susan G. Komen.

Cover Bike & Cover Model Search at Gail's Harley-Davidson - Grandview, Missouri

August 1, 2014

Gail’s Harley-Davidson in Grandview, Missouri was the location for our first cover bike & cover model search of the season, which took place on Wednesday, July 9, 2014. Our event coincided with their weekly Feel the Power Happy Hour that includes free food and beer, and lots of other fun activities.

Stripe, Nichole, Lonnie, Randall, and I arrived early to setup our booth and to block off a section of the parking lot for our cover bike search, and before we had everything setup, several bikes had already started arriving and entering our cover bike search. Nichole was also busy signing up girls for our cover model search.

Dodge City 300 Centennial Racing - Dodge City, Kansas

July 28, 2014


On July 4 the sport of motorcycle racing returned to Dodge City, Kansas, on a very small track but in a very big way. When the organizers of the Dodge City 300 Centennial celebration began drafting their schedule of events, it was only natural that racing would be included. Initially, the plan was for the competition to take place on the 1/8-mile clay oval at Dodge City Raceway Park, but a scheduling conflict developed with the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, so an alternative location was required. After some imaginative planning, it was decided that the Dodge City Roundup rodeo arena could be adapted for a short track racing event. Hay bales were laid out in an oval pattern to mark the inside of the racing surface, and more bales were set up to keep the competitors separated from the steel fences around the arena perimeter. The surface was soft and sandy, and the term “flat track” racing was never more appropriate since there was no banking at all. It was a unique setup to test the considerable skills and adaptability of the racers.

Oklahoma Bike Week 2014 - Sparks, Oklahoma

July 30, 2014

Oklahoma Bike Week at Sparks America Campground ran from June 19 through 29. Doc Lonnie Blum and I decided to make the trip from Missouri to Sparks on Thursday, June 26. After checking in and setting up camp, we headed for the “playground” area that is the center of many of the rally’s activities. A couple of major changes were immediately apparent. The sound system is now controlled from a tower in front of the stage instead of from a cubbyhole at the side. The stage has been rebuilt and is now two stages in one, separated by a wall in the center. That facilitates having the equipment for the musical entertainment separated from other on-stage activities.

"Where's Walter?" The Last Known Harley-Davidson Forecar on Tour

August 1, 2014

SLINGER, WIS. (July 28, 2014) - The last known Harley-Davidson Forecar in existence, affectionately named "Walter," is on tour making impromptu appearances in his birthplace of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This very rare 1913 motorcycle has been delighting motorcycle enthusiasts with its arrivals at motorcycle events and generating the question from fans of "Where's Walter?" and "where will he turn up next?"


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